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13 Feb

The relatively simple Gothic Revival style was the first departure from the rectangular Colonial footprints of the 18th century. The Gothic house was the first example of industrial abundance reflecting the increasing wealth of Americans. Simple Gothic houses were built for middle-class owners all over the Midwest, often by itinerant carpenters who stayed around just long enough to build the house and any furnishings required, then moved on.Earlier houses, built primarily of local materials, were usually devoid of ornamentation except what could be laboriously produced by local craftsmen. Many were also commonly built from kits sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co.Our first house evolved over four and a half years of blood, sweat, tears, and sledgehammering.And we’ve got plenty of photos to show how much it changed (hence the roundup of before and after pictures below).If your table is a country-style pedestal, and you like that more traditional style, then lean toward warm oak or maple.

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We can seam­less­ly in­cor­por­ate a mo­dern kit­chen, bath or ad­di­tion in­to your Vic­tor­ian home.

Photography by Ross Chapel This cottage-style banquette seating makes a space-saving dining area in this kitchen.

Choose the color of stain based on the style of the table and the wood tones in the rest of your house.

and other "ready-cut" house kit makers such as Aladdin.

The house came as pre-cut lumber in one or two boxcars, complete with a detailed instruction book, ready to be assembled by the homeowner or a local builder.