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20 Mar

And now, this feature will now apply to all on demand TV too.• Bookmarking – sifting through hours and hours of different boxsets and movies can be a tough task, but saving programmes and movies has now got much easier.

Virgin Media customers can easily bookmark any programme whether it’s on normal TV, on demand or on Netflix.

I was confronted with a message asking me to read and agree with a couple of important new documents.

So like a good little citizen I read and agreed with the first doc regarding use of said TV.

Scotch Box is a preconfigured Vagrant Box with a full array of LAMP Stack features to get you up and running with Vagrant in no time.

A lot of PHP websites and applications don't require much server configuration or overhead at first.

Technically you could also a Vagrant Plugin like Vagrant Hostmanager to automatically update your host file when you run Vagrant Up.Today we’re going to talk about improving your PC’s performance beyond the basic steps we’ve already covered thus far.Chances are your computer runs perfectly well until you start stressing it, and then it will obviously slow down as it is given more demands.Many performance problems can simply be tracked down to too much overhead and too few resources.In other words, your computer can only handle so many simultaneously running processes before it starts to show signs of strain.