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04 Mar

Currently she serves as Emeritus Chair of the Hong Kong Dance Alliance; Vice-President (East Asia) of the World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific (WDAAP); Dance Advisor of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Annette has had an extensive career in television and radio as a presenter and producer, and a freelance career as an actor and published writer.

As in, “Dear Diary, Today Tom Critchlow came to town and I have never been happier.

I haven’t been this excited since [insert ———————— Front-bottom.

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Dance Masala’s vision is to respectfully and authentically pay homage to Indian culture through excelling in Bollywood dance.

Their mission is to create inspiring fusion, while actively engaging in classical roots of Bollywood and the influence of regional specific folk-dance. Andrea is a mix of Macanese (Portuguese / Indian / Chinese) and Hong Kong Chinese.

In pursuing this vision, Drea has trained in many forms of Indian and non-Indian dance. Anna is a practicing administrator, producer, curator and arts educator.

He’s going to be putting in some time stateside, and, as Rand put it, “making everything better.” Hence the giggling. And the general behaving like 12-year-old girls who’ve inhaled a pack of pixie sticks and watched the entire This cultural exchange of sorts will also mark the longest time Tom has spent in the United States. K., a “diary” is what we Americans would call a “calendar” or a “planner”. K that we wanted to have dinner of Thursday, and he replied, “I’m going to put it in my diary,” he was probably not deserving of all the ridicule we dished out. Just say “bell pepper” and spare the ignorant Americans around you a stress headache. And they’re what we’re talking about any time you see “biscuits and gravy” on a menu. Although I’ve learned not to underestimate the Cheesecake Factory.

And since he is a dear and well-behaved lad, I feel that there are a few terms which he, as a Brit, may want to avoid while he’s here. It’s that no one will understand what he’s talking about. Because here, it’s something teenage girls write in.