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07 Feb

Besides, everyone needs a study break from time to time, right? Make eyes with that guy or girl across the table, shoot them a smile.Better yet, invite him or her outside for some fresh air.Keep up what you can: This pregnancy has been all about doing small things that help me feel beautiful despite many of the symptoms I am experiencing.I have been very nauseated and still vomit quite often this pregnancy, but for me having whiter teeth and wearing lipstick, a nice dress, or a manicure seems to help with this downside.If you're finding your sexy dwindling during your pregnancy, here are some tips on how to improve that feeling and how to feel sexy while pregnant: Watch what you say: I so often hear women call themselves “fat” or “huge” while pregnant, and those words are not going to help you feel any better.What I like to do is frame it more accurately and say “my belly is growing” or “look how wonderfully our baby is growing.” It helps take the changes outside of your body, and really, it's not fat — it's baby!

Now that’s the kind of chemistry I could get interested in. Rip a corner off of your notebook paper, just like the old days, and 4. Everyone loves to feel a little bad from time to time. The risk of being caught makes it much more exciting,” said Amy Marcus from Tufts University. Don’t fret – footsie is the ultimate multi-tasking flirting device.

It's my fourth child, so really anything that comes up shouldn't be much of a surprise.

But I was going to watch how I framed all these changes in pregnancy, and it's really helped me feel more sexy and less frumpy.

Many side effects or symptoms of pregnancy are not exactly mood enhancers and neither is waking up and finding you don't have anything that fits in your closet, but I truly believe it's more mind over matter here.

I made a promise to myself this pregnancy, that I was going to embrace and love all the changes.