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15 Feb

Participants used the application on a daily basis for various purposes: getting news and updates regarding the war; checking on their loved ones; delivering humorous satirical messages; spreading war-related rumors; and helping to promote voluntary aid initiations.Users expressed their beliefs that the application enabled them to stay updated and 'in the know', helped them calm down, and deepened their communal and national sentiments.

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Data are based on a representative survey of 500 Israeli citizens aged 16–75, all of whom are smartphone users (maximum sample error 4.5%).the servers can see each other as confirmed by a 'fifo clusterer_list', the dialog module's parameters are correctly set (accept_replicated_dialog/profiles and replicate_dialogs/profiles_to are set, and my profiles have the '/b' suffix), and when i do a packet trace on the binary interface i can actually see the dialogs/profiles being passed around when a call comes in.also, while troubleshooting, i've noticed a 'profile_bin_status' MI function in the 2.2.x dialog module, but when i try to issue that command, it returns "500 command 'profile_bin_status' not available" so, i've put both servers in debug mode and can see a lot of binary interface chatter between them (no errors, just messages being transmitted)..Simulation of time signal on cutting chatter is modeled through Matlab Use mathematical method[2] to obtain numerical value of limit cutting width.Using the new TCP binary interface and the Clusterer module in 2.2.x between two servers sharing a floating virtual IP address; dialogs do not seem to be replicated from one server to another.