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27 Feb

"A 30mph limit doesn’t give them [drivers] enough reaction time."The road is often clogged with traffic anyway and traffic calming measures and a 20mph speed limit won’t affect journey time.The boy's family – who wish to remain anonymous – signed the petition and led their support to the campaign.West Street resident Patricia Murphy, who launched the petition, said: "The Botley Road is lethal because it's a high density, residential area with a school, retirement homes and a very young population.Earlier this month the youngster was hit by a black Peugeot 207 driven by a 95-year-old man at a pedestrian crossing.

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RESIDENTS have rallied together to campaign for Botley Road to be reduced to a 20mph zone after a nine-year-old boy was left seriously injured after being hit by a car.

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"But it would make all the difference for the survival rates of a pedestrian." A similar campaign was launched by residents in 2009, but failed, and in 2011 it was revealed the Botley Road speed camera was the third most prolific in the county with 737 drivers being caught in just one month.

Nearly 100 people have now signed the petition, kickstarted by the collision on February 6, and it will be handed to Oxfordshire County Council next month.