Ecuadorian naked

01 Apr

Politeness and tidy dress are particularly important when dealing with police or officials.Ecuadorian bureaucracy can be frustrating, but it’s vital to maintain good humour; losing your temper will quickly turn people against you.So wherever you go there's a trash can next to the toilet overflowing with used toilet paper. One place I remember had a sign on each stall asking you put the toilet paper in the toilet and flush it. Even then, the people just threw it in the corner on the floor. When out and about you may also stumble upon nudity without expecting it. I don't mind, but once the baby has fallen asleep and let's time to cover up.

by Ashley Thompson In the Ecuadorian cloud forest with daily rain, we have two new survivalists begging for clothing and safety. On his way to the lemon tree he falls in the creek and Giovanna thinks he's burning more calories than what the citrus is providing. But the producers have to intervene because the river has reached it's limits.

Men should remove hats or caps indoors and short trousers or skirts shouldn’t be worn inside churches (shorts for men on the coast are more forgivable), where scruffiness of any sort will be frowned on.

Skimpy dress for women will probably draw unwanted attention (see Women travellers), while topless or nude bathing on beaches is out of the question.

It’s an art best left to locals; if you need a special favour, ask an Ecuadorian friend for advice on how to proceed and leave the negotiating up to them if possible.

After a month and a half in Ecuador it’s time to head south to Peru, but I wouldn’t feel right about leaving without giving you the other side of Ecuadorian beauty, beyond the country’s incredible landscape, culture and cuisine.