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21 Mar

In the Creed, we profess that we believe in life everlasting.Members of Ang Dating Daan (“The Old Path,” hereon referred to as ADD) call Eliseo Soriano (their presiding minister) “the only sensible, honest and straightforward evangelist today”.[1] They claim that his famous broadcast is “the only religious program which heightened the religious awareness of many people.”[2] and that half a million people already converted to their faith because of that program, which is aired not only nationwide but even worldwide through their own cable TV channel, a hundred radio stations and the Internet.However, he derided the Catholic Church, saying that her followers will never reach heaven.According to him, the Catholics will only reach “Rome” because that is what her official name suggests, that is, Roman Catholic Church.

We will all be going to the Father’s house, and he prepares “dwelling places” for us.Originally a 30-minute radio program in 1980, Ang Dating Daan has progressed today with the inclusion of its interactive segment, Itanong Mo Kay Soriano – a live question-and-answer portion to address the audience’s biblical queries.Ang Dating Daan is produced by the Members Church of God International (MCGI), presided by Bro.There, we will experience an everlasting communion with him and our Lord Jesus Christ. He talked about his union with the Father, the goodness and compassion of the Father. He gathered the people, and he even ate with sinners with the aim to bring them back to the Father. If we say we carry the truth, we have to ask whether that truth is anchored or has its basis on Jesus the truth and on truth that Jesus taught us. Jesus once said to Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life.” In the Bread of Life discourse, he presented himself as the Bread of Life.He is the food that gives eternal life so much so that whoever eats of this bread will live forever.