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10 May

Farrah Forke later joined the cast for two seasons.

When Forke left, Amy Yasbeck joined the cast for the remainder of the show's run from 1994–1997.

Children and their families from AHRC New York City’s schools were cruising at Wings for Autism for the third year in a row.

Organized by The Arc in partnership with Delta Airlines, the TSA, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the event is an airport rehearsal experience that allows families to go through all of the stressors and stimuli that passengers are confronted with at the airport, including long lines, loud or confusing noises of the airport terminal, public address announcements, security checks, and airplane boarding procedures.

Which is all to say that producers Brent Montgomery, Colby Gaines and David George have created a show that feels like rather harmless cross between Unfortunately, an attempt is made to spice up the proceedings with a force sub-plot in which a new wingwoman, Helen, arrives to disrupt the company chemistry.

At the gate, Delta provided snacks and drinks while everyone waited for the plane to arrive.

He was so angry, he said to her: ‘Why did you throw that at my wife?

’ ” What should have been a pleasant experience — celebrating a new business deal with an extravagant shopping trip — was cut short as the couple swept out of the Fifth Avenue store and into their car.

The trio would later create the sitcom Frasier, which was a spinoff of Cheers.

Characters from Cheers occasionally made special guest appearances on Wings.