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07 Mar

is not a commercial network and cannot make any guarantees concerning uptime, lag, or overall server performance.However, our goal is to provide a stable chat service and message forum that will be online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.A “sexual offender” is any person who has been convicted in this state of committing a sexual offense as defined by T. The TBI is responsible for maintaining the electronic sex offender database and sex offender files. 40-39-202 (28); or has another qualifying conviction as defined by T. “Violent sexual offenders” are required to register for life.In very religious but secular places I suppose there might not be a law but it might not be acceptable - I'm still not sure if that would qualify as etiquette though?

I'd expect that to differ a lot in different countries.We need to make some things plain for all -- people who visit us, to know where we stand on certain issues.First of all, we will NOT entertain any discussion, in the chat room or posts, of a political nature - we have a diversity of political views here and this would only cause problems.Do they really know each guests' face and room type?The exception here are hotels that require you to drop off your key at reception whenever you leave, but besides that, as long as you and your unexpected guest don't draw attention to yourselves and you don't have someone different every night, surely you're unlikely to be bothered? Annoyed/Sam: Most hotel bars have resident prostitutes, who security is very familiar with, and rest assured they'll notice when a guest picks one up.