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17 Apr

Christmas Eve is a wonderfully peaceful day to explore the city. Festive classical concerts run in the afternoon and early evening.A limited number of cafés and bars open for drinks and light food.With a route length of over 140 km and a fleet of around 800 trams, it is one of the world's largest tram systems.For the enthusiast, and even for the casual observer, what singles out the Prague tram system as being something special is the predominance, even today, of the iconic Tatra T3 tram and its derivitives.Next to the Lookout Tower there is the well-known Maze – a hall of mirrors in the Czech Hikers´ Pavilion.Fares: For the fare you can use any kind of the public system transfer tickets Top of the page.This is a design dating to the beginning of the 1960s with a heritage linked (via the T1 and T2) to the innovative American PCC design of the 1920s.In mid-2011 around 70% of the Prague fleet, that's around 670 trams, consisted of T3 types, but by November 2016 that was down to some 400 trams, about 55% of the operational fleet.

Hotels that are so unique and beautiful that you do not want to leave your room. Therefore, we also help hotels guide you to the greatest places nearby - be it coffeeshops, restaurants or museums.The photos in the list below are examples from those cities.The list includes: Works of art or sophisticated architecture can be delightful, inspiring and thought-provoking for daily commuters as well as an attraction for visitors.Their numbers are reducing fast as new larger trams are being delivered.The majority of T3 types have modernised traction equipment.