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15 Apr

Still, they drew a strong crowd on Friday morning of the convention, particularly considering that they were up against the epic queue for the panel is the big deal event that you never read about in mainstream coverage of the con. That people spot him on the streets of New York virtually daily is a little weird.

After all, he writes the show and voices many of its characters, but it’s not like fans see his face popping up on Adult Swim every night.

When Venture's lab is broken into by The Monarch, his butterfly-fetishizing archfoe can't find anything worth defiling or smashing., the farce that inspired one of the most accidentally successful promotional campaigns in history for a slightly-less successful movie, which opened on Friday.And it's not the first Cartoon Network series to mangles the characters and conventions of classic cartoons or comics and paste them back together Burroughs-style. It flaunts all of the elements of the series on the adult/hipster animated landscape: irony, satire, uncomfortable pauses, outright parody.But as creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer frequently explain, the show is about failure.It's about the vision that inspired the science fiction wave of the 1950s and 1960s, the optimism of the space race, and the baby boomers' beloved, indulged idea that they could achieve anything they wanted. Awarding its 1966 "Man of the Year" award to the "Young Generation," Time magazine's editors saluted the boomers as the folks "who will land on the moon, cure cancer and the common cold, lay out blight-proof, smog-free cities, enrich the underdeveloped world, and, no doubt, write to poverty and war." Forty years later the boomers have disappointed no one as much as they've disappointed themselves, buckling in to watch movies about how great their parents were as they pop pills and build their Dennis Hopper-endorsed "Dream Books." This explains why Dr.