Online bible study lessons on dating

10 May

These two epistles are examples of Peter’s doing just that—feeding the Lord’s sheep. White books, or locat Adult Bible Study Guide Podcast Visit The Ellen G.

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But these letters take on added interest given that they were written to churches that faced persecution from without and from false teachers within.

The Bible provides you the answers to life's most important questions. Knowing and understanding God is your key to understanding who you are because He created you. God wrote the Bible to you and He wrote it for you. He tells us it's profitable and helps us understand what's important to Him. Of course, the cool part is that you can reap rewards right away during your life here on earth. We offer to email the daily study questions to you every day for some of the studies.

It provides you the truth regarding not only our lives here on Earth, but the truths regarding our eternal lives that follow our earthly lives also. The Bible also reprimands us, corrects us, and teaches us how to become right before God (These free online Bible study lessons are a ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and there's no cost to you - except your time. Our format for these Bible studies provides a curriculum of daily discussion questions which work great for small groups.

The lessons here will give you a stronger grasp of how wonderful God's plan is for His children and enable you to put your spiritual roots down deeper into His life and love for you.

Each includes teachers' guides and outline study notes for students, which you may download absolutely free.