Dads against daughters dating bumper sticket

17 Mar

For example, progressives under 30 are significantly less likely than young right-wingers to say they would prefer to suffer rather than let the one they love suffer, that they are not happy unless the loved one is happy, or that they would sacrifice their own wishes for the one they love. Hell hath no fury like a liberal told that conservatives are more generous and kind than liberals.(The practical implication of this is that you might want your daughter to marry a Republican.)” Luke Hand Cool (who tells his mother-in-law how lucky she is that he married her daughter … My eldest son, whom I’ve always had a close if occasionally rocky relationship with, dated a very liberal girl during the tail end of the last obama campaign season. He assigned to me all of the talking points that the libs have against “right wing extremists”. He and that lib TEACHER, from a WEALTHY FAMILY, have parted ways long since.

(Yes, he actually said that he knew I was never racist in my life, UNTIL obama ran for office! I often wonder how he will keep the flame of righteous indignation alight once obama is out of office.

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When in Ithaca, walk the parking lot at Wegman’s and enjoy those that are “screaming to be heard” via bumper stickers.

How about Moms Against Daughters Dating Democrats: MADDD? Right-Wing Heart, Letf-Wing Heart “Let’s dispense with righteous rhetoric and look at what really counts: behavior, starting at the level of heart in personal relationships.