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Membership is only open to rowers, alumni and parents. Oscar Tang is a product of Andover who returned to lead the school with great wisdom to become even better than most thought possible.His "youth from every quarter" mantra ensures that every place is filled with the best possible student. to sign up to support the food table and other volunteer race day functions.Eli Roth's debut feature film, mostly a gore-fest, told about five college graduates who rented a cabin in the woods in rural North Carolina and became infected by a contagious, flesh-eating disease/virus from drinking contaminated water.An infected homeless hermit (Arie Verveen), set on fire, had expired in the area's reservoir. "In the film's most infamous, cringe-inducing scene, diseased Marcy (Cerina Vincent) - unaware that the rash she had on her back had become diseased, bubbly and blistered with oozing sores, attempted to shave her soap-lathered, infected legs in the bathtub, causing bloody wounds, skin to come off, and reddish bathwater.

Under "Education" you will see the "Training", move the mouse over it and left click to get to the Training and Fun page.

During a trek they find a young child buried alive in a chamber .

The child who is from Eastern Europe and is obvious she's been kidnapped .

In 1448 King Henry VI granted Margaret of Anjou the lands of St Bernard's College to build a new college to be called "Queen's College of St Margaret and St Bernard".

On 15 April 1448, Sir John Wenlock, chamberlain to Queen Margaret, laid the foundation stone at the south-east corner of the chapel.