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24 Feb

While sophisticated criminal organizations are increasingly involved in the international sex trafficking of women and girls, many victims are trafficked locally or within limited geographic regions by “unorganized” pimps or semi-organized criminal networks.

A growing number of youths in the Philippines are being drawn into a dangerous world of sexual exploitation by foreigners they meet online.Prostitution is now a business that is advertised on the Internet, expanding the reach of pimps to a wider market of potential sex buyers. 3, 1055 (October 8, 2014): 1039-1094, Farley Franzblau Women can be sold for 15 minutes or for a week for johns‘ sexual use, selected and purchased online like a rental car . Lauren Martin and Alexandra Pierce, et al., “Mapping the Market for Sex with Trafficked Minor Girls in Minneapolis: Structures, Functions, and Patterns,” Full Report: Preliminary Findings, September 2014, available at By Rob Mc Bride CEBU, Philippines, 15 December 2008 – In a poor shanty in the Central Philippines city of Cebu, a tiny internet café offers broadband connectivity with the outside world.In a place that lacks running water, the opportunities presented by the existence of the internet are boundless.