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17 Feb

Many years ago your mom or dad probably had “the talk” with you. By asking questions and listening more than talking, she shows her date she is interested in him.Perhaps over your teen and young-adult years your parent(s) initiated many talks about love, dating, sex and the selection of a life partner. She also gets to know more about him to decide just how interested she is. To your parents’ distress, the ability to get an erection was probably never an issue for the pimply-faced teenager you dated. If your parent is recently widowed or divorced, or has decided after some time of singledom that it’s time to look for love, here are 7 pieces of advice you may want to offer for dating in the 21st century. Today, a pay phone is a rare find and a couple of quarters just won’t cut it if Mom needs to call for help or a ride home. Now it’s time for you to broach the subject of modesty with her. If your parent has lived alone for a while, it can be tempting to talk when she finds a listening ear. When you were dating, your parents likely had you carry change for a pay phone — just in case. Mom wouldn’t have let you out the door wearing a micro-mini skirt or a skimpy bikini.Men who know how to relate to each other from an emotional standpoint remain friends, problems notwithstanding, because they’ve developed relationship skills.

Fortunately, for many men, an oral medication taken shortly before sexual activity helps. Obviously regardless of age one can still get sexually transmitted diseases (although your parents may have referred to venereal disease, or VD, in their talks with you) and many unfortunately do. In the 2010 documentary film Catfish, the young star Nev Schulman discovered that the “attractive young dancer” with whom he had an online relationship was actually a middle-age mother of four.A Zero Sum Game The only boomers seemingly unaware of the undeclared boomer dating war are boomers who aren’t dating. Boomers, who stay the course, hang in because their desire to meet a life partner exceeds their disdain for the process. Some boomers quit dating and what’s conspicuous is they’re mostly women.Their edge is attributable to their long-term friendships with other women, through which they developed a skillset enabling them to resolve problems and keep relationships intact.What makes boomer women such desirable partners is that their skills are transferable to relationships with men. This is where many boomer men fall short; few have developed emotional connections with other men through which they learn basic relationship skills.