Updating miktex

07 Mar

All but one of the packages listed in your screenshot are 'core' components of a La Te X set up; whilst you might not use every single one, sufficient people do that they are part of the 'basic' Mi KTe X install.

It is important to understand that for Te X Live these two parts of the distribution are effectively on separate update schedules, and this can lead to some confusion during the period in which the major updates of binaries is taking place.

But want to make sure during upgrade wizard launch I don't endup installing packages I don't really need.Note: I've a basic installation of Mi KTe X on my machine.I don't know most of which of these packaes I need. With method 1 only updates are possible – it's intended for this task –, method 2 uses the package manager, originally intended for manual package installations and uninstallations.When this is done, the or - buttons under the File menu get activated.