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28 Apr

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Toni Tucker Toni Tucker Lic Ac (Hons), MBAc C is a practitioner of chinese medicine acupuncture and has a midwifery and nursing background she is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and the Royal College of Midwives.

You take your notes to every appointment/scan/hospital trip. They will print details of appointment and ask you to add them to your folder.Her highly successful treatments have attracted media attention in the press and television and equally received commendation and support by the medical profession with whom Toni closely works.Toni’s professional background has been totally concentrated within the medical field.She turned the screen away from me ( normal proceedure i remember from DD) but for 10 minutes did not say a word to reassure me or even making any eye contact (this made me panic as i found out i lost my first baby at my dating scan and it was the same lady doing the ultrasound) hubby had to move his chair so he could look what she was doing he saw a happy bouncy baby wriggling around and took my hand and smiled. She then turned the screen around to show me a still picture of OUR baby i never got to see it move or wriggle or even a flick of a heartbeat we asked to buy a picture and she said that one will do and printed that out.I was gutted so sad, i was so excited and the whole expierience was ruined by her.