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06 May

Prosecutors said Chahal, 34, attacked a woman in his San Francisco penthouse in 2014, just a year after beating a different woman in the same apartment, and that his actions violated the probation he was placed under as a result of the first case.

The foundation is designed to create awareness campaigns to stop future hate crimes, provide scholarships, support disaster relief efforts, and improve schools in third-world countries.Chahal’s first venture was Click Agents, an advertising network focused on performance-based advertising.In 2000, two years after Chahal started the company, Value Click (now part of Alliance Data) paid 5.3 million of its shares to purchase Click Agents. The company specialized in behavioral targeting of banner advertising, a process that tracks web users' habits online in order to show ads they are most likely to click.One afternoon in October of 2008, Oprah Winfrey addressed her television audience in her habitually warm, confiding way.“My next guest is a high-school dropout who’s worth more than a hundred million dollars,” she said.