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24 Mar

Sex on TV, it turned out, didn’t have to be romantic—or even appealing.

, Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath submits herself to awkward, humiliating and—for some—realistic sex.

The album surprisingly features no special guest appearances outside of his crew ‘Zoo Gang’.

“Before I came out with another song, ‘Trap Queen’ was doing so good, but only my name Fetty Wap was behind it,” the rapper told Rolling Stone. When they hear the album, it’s gonna be Fetty Wap, the artist, featuring his brothers.

He said he deleted the Face Time call from his call log and that he didn’t have photos of the sex acts on his phone.

He said “he and all the other males involved knew and were aware that they were going to place his phone in the bedroom” and watch on a second phone in the other room.