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18 Feb

The translation text can then be retrieved in code.The implementation of the same in Xamarin Forms will have to be done in the platform specific code and invoke the same in portable class using Dependency Service.You can access the current local information for the device using NSLocale.Current Locale or construct a specific locale passing a locale code, for example 'new NSLocale ("es_ES_PREEURO").

For a concept that is so widely used by just about every person on the planet, it is truly sad how many bugs I have seen due to improper use of date/time libraries.Create a new resource file inside the ‘Resx’ folder with name ‘App Resources.resx’ by right clicking on the folder then selecting Add – Resource File.This will be the default resource file which will be used by the application in the absence of any other resource files and will contain the English language implementation for the resource keys.When you need a date or number formatter in a view controller it is often a good idea to cache the resulting object once you have created it.Consider for example a table view cell that uses both a number and date formatter: It would be wasteful to create new formatters each time we need to layout a cell.