Dating crackhead

28 Mar

Normally, the pupils, which are the dark part in the center of the iris, are around four millimeters in size.

If a person frequently has pupils that are eight millimeters or more in size even in brightly lit rooms, it is possible that drug use may be involved.

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For one thing, if a wonderful woman enters a crackhead's life she's probably either a cop, a substance abuse counselor, a therapist, or a bail bondslady. If a wonderful woman enters a crackhead's life is it possible that the crackhead will find so much warmth, joy and happiness in his friendship with the wonderful woman that he'll easily give up crack without going to rehab cause of the warmth, joy, happiness he was getting from this wonderful woman and it made him find something to live for?

the couple women i know who got involved with a crackhead,but its been mostly herion(sp? This one girl who didnt do anything got involved with this guy who was a drug user.

they were together for over a year before she started doing drugs herself.

It can be a heartbreaking and frustrating to watch someone go through a drug addiction.

A person caught up in this situation needs support and help from you to understand what the drug is doing to him or her physically, emotionally, and mentally.