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27 Apr

Jeff Shaw Ryan Wilner Brad Slaight Harland Williams Joe Rogan Triumph David Feldman Steve Mc Grew Dan Barton Rob Becker Matt Weinhold Bobby Gaylor Steve Silberberg Jeffrey Ross Dave Little Vince Vieceli Marc Jaffe Dick Cavett Buddy Fitzpatrick Stephen Kruiser Suzy Soro Jeff Allen Doug Stanhope Kid Dave Miller Brian Kiley Gary Mule Deer Jim David Judy Carter Drew Hastings Andrew Gropman Rabbi Bob Alper Dan French Robert Hagearty Chuck Savage David John Mc Carthey Mrs. That's right, this is our seventh year covering the Just For Laughs Festival. What is one year of our humble publication's squeaks and moans compared to his annual hourlong tirades? Tommy Drake, Chuck Savage and John Wessling at the Monument National And there they were, , being interviewed by the CJAD folks in the Delta mezzanine. Will Miller Andy Kindler Jimmy Myers D J Hazard Nehl Bobal Sheila Kay John Bizarre Doug Benson Jim Shubert James Gregory Gabe Abelson Paul Gilmartin Steve Marmel Hal Sparks Bob Harris Paul Bond Grover Silcox Basile Bobby Collins John Wing Brian Whalen Rich Williams Steve O. Hell, if is welcome up here year after year, after saying the vicious things he says, anyone is welcome, right? If you don't look like you usually do, there's the increased possibility that someone will "go owl" on you. It's when you accost someone whom you've had meaningful dialogue with in the past, you say your name and they say, "Who? We headed over to the Delta last night with the ultimate intention of heading over to Monument National (it's a theater, not a monument) to see "Hell Gig Reunion," the hastily edited and cut final product of over 200 hours of video shot during the Hell Gig America Tour. Tompkins Mitch Hedberg Mack Dryden Jamie Alcroft John Curtin Joey Yanetty Pete Fogel Kip Addotta Bob Zany Wayne Cotter Carol Montgomery Richard Lewis Dr. A cat toy to the giant striped tabby that is the standup comedy industry! Of course, there's a danger in changing one's appearance at a gathering such as this one. Brian Mc Kim, Howard Lapides, Eramelinda Boquer, Adam Gilad, Kent Emmons, Traci Skene at the Delta!John Hughes Jason Stuart Rick Overton Steve Eblin Jack Mayberry Tom Parks Charles Viracola Rusty Warren Robert Dubac Jeff Marder Joe Dunckel Evan Davis Veronica Mosey Troy Conrad Matt Davis Mat Becker Lewis Black Dan Carlson Jan Mc Innis Joe Dixon Larry Getlen J. Sidley Jeff Klinger Tony Camin Bill Engvall Pat Mac Anwar Richardson Mary Ann Nichols Rita Rudner & Lester Larry "Bubbles" Brown Jim Morris Brett Butler Kathleen Madigan Todd Barry Roger Ritenhouse Marc Maron Doug Hecox Tommy James Emo Philips Lord Carrett Jim Gaffigan Eddie Gossling Tom Rhodes Etta May Ron Zimmerman Ross Bennett Franklyn Ajaye Chris Zito Argus Hamilton Costaki Economopoulos Laurie Kilmartin Jimmy Pardo Leslie Thomason Bill Bunker Vinny Badabing Henry Cho Jonathan Katz Dave Pavone Larry-Bob Roberts Brian Hennigan Kenneth Nichols Rich Vos Dave Mordal __________________ Traci Skene & Brian Mc Kim SHECKYmagazine Editors, Publishers Seven years? Each year, right before we take off, we think something terrible will happen-- This will be the year that JFL won't grant us Media passes and won't let us back in to cover it. After their interview, we were invited to plug our humble publication to all the CJAD audience as well!I've been getting accustomed to the English names after watching the new X and Y episodes in Japanese. Well, there are many reasons why I chose this specific episode! This episode takes place after practically every major moment between Meowth and Pikachu. Phineas and Ferb would welcome me Than we'd get down to inventing and fun. We'd get back in time to hear Phineas say"Oh, there you are, Perry! In my dreams Skipper would have me join his team We'd train and play and have some fun! So, If I accidentally use Japanese terminology (Such as Satoshi, Nyarth, ect) I deeply apologize.4) This takes place sometime after the episode 'Farewell, Unova! Or, as I like to call them, the Krazyshipping episodes. Ya know, these aren't the only ships I do for Pokemon. But when it comes to dire circumstances We'll all hop in and save the day! " Bonnie shoved her way in and waved to the cameras herself."BONNIE!

This'll be the year that we've finally pissed off so many people that we'll round the corner at the Delta we'll be reviled; the object of scorn. As Wessling tells it, the three (and their respective better halves) were in the airport in Hawaii, finished with the Hell Gigs and awaiting a flight back to the Mainland, when an email from the JFL folks asked if they could exhibit the filmed record of their adventure six weeks hence in Montreal.50 days of hell gigs were then followed up by six weeks of frantic editing- all leading up to this evening. Sometimes I pick them because they have unusual origins, or a little used secondary definition.Sometimes it's just a word that people know, but would be hard-pressed to exactly define.Officer Fangmeyer is not allowed the Case files, we’re still trying to find the last one he buried.2.Officer Hopps is to take driving lessons from Officer Wilde, We cannot lose another Patrol Car.3.