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16 Feb

“It’s a nice time for us to worship and try to get the message and hear some music and have a little fellowship together before we get to racing.” Read more of that interview by clicking the link below: A conversation with Matt and Katie Kenseth #18 Kevin Durant, Chris Paul fuel U. Men’s Basketball Team’s Olympic gold medal performance There were few surprises from the U. But the bottom line held true for Le Bron James, Kobe Bryant and their NBA compatriots.

After going undefeated and beating Spain 107-100 in the final game, the American squad, as expected, brought home the gold medal.

When he's healthy, Durant is one of the top two players in the NBA.

Detroit Tigers first baseman Age: 31 In a "down year" in 2014, Cabrera still had 25 home runs and 109 RBIs while batting .313-.371-.524.

In 12 games in 2015, Cabrera already had two home runs and 10 RBIs and is hitting .426.

Pole vaulter Age: 28 The pole-vault world record of 6.14 meters stood for 20 years, until Lavillenie broke it in 2014.

We have a lot of talented players coming up and I would want them to to keep our traditions up in the Olympics.

They must have their time as well.” The USA certainly needed a few moments of magic from Bryant, not to mention their other ’go-to’ players Le Bron James and Kevin Durant with the latter seemingly poised to take over any season now from that duo as basketball’s new global superstar.

After rain moved the race to Monday night, the Great American Race featured several high speed wrecks and a bizarre incident that saw Juan Pablo Montoya crash into a jet drier truck during a caution resulting in a massive fire and two-hour delay.Since Brazil hosted the 2014 World Cup — a tournament instantly identifiable by Brazilian tears inside the stadium and poignant protests from residents outside — the path to the 2016 Olympics was a roller coaster, all lurches and plummets.In hindsight, we’re learning, slowly, the hard way, that cities can’t really afford to build dozens of stadiums at once, even if it is for the most grandiose, jumbo-sized sports events.Pessimistic reporting just weeks before the Opening Ceremony gave the impression that triathletes were liable to get smacked in the face, while swimming, by floating garbage, among other issues with venues that may or may not have their paint dry before performing hosting duties.The most triumphant moments for the Brazilian audience came during volleyball competitions — both of them, outside on Copacabana Beach and inside in the daunting, raucous Maracanãzinho.