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21 Apr

His .333 lifetime series batting average is fourth with at least 75 AB on the all-time series list.Combative and daring, Martin was a brilliant baseball strategist and a legend in Yankee history.The next closest starting pitcher from the National League was Dwight Gooden, who had a 1.53 ERA in 1985.The next closest starting pitcher from the American League was Ron Guidry, who had a 1.74 ERA in 1978.Born: February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, MD Died: August 16, 1948 in New York, NY Height: 6-2, Weight: 215 Threw and batted lefthanded Number retired in 1948 Baseball's greatest slugger and the most colorful figure in the game's history.Debuted as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, winning 89 games over six seasons before being converted to the outfield because of his tremendous power.Marquez's scheduled start against the Twins on Wednesday was postponed, Mike Berardino of the St. Given the game is already set to be played as a doubleheader Thursday, Marquez will likely just see his start pushed back a day, though that hasn't been confirmed yet.The 22-year-old currently owns a 4.88 ERA through four starts (24 innings) with the big club this season.

Let's take a look at some additional numbers of interest as they relate to one of the most dominant strikeout pitchers in baseball history: 3: Bob Gibson threw exactly three strikes to Len Gabrielson (out #1), exactly three pitches to Paul Popovich (out #2), then exactly three pitches to John Miller (out #3), during the seventh inning of a game played on May 12, 1969, the first known Immaculate Inning (9 Pitches - 9 Strikes - 3 Outs) in Cardinals history.

Smith was a candidate for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame for 15 years, but failed to ever reach the 75% support threshold needed for election, peaking at 50%.

After the end of his major league career, Smith spent time working as a pitching instructor at the minor-league level with the San Francisco Giants.

Today, we have more than 500,000 pages of baseball history. EVERY DAY we update more than 600 pages, add a few more, and never stop preserving baseball history.

Bob Gibson had a 1.12 earned run average (ERA) in 1968, the lowest ERA by a Cy Young Award winning starting pitcher.