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The account that follows charts William Burroughs’ involvement in an occult time war, and considerably exceeds most accepted conceptions of social and historical probability.It is based on ‘sensitive information’ passed to the Ccru by an intelligence source whom we have called William Kaye .Eventually I get used to the heat and enjoy the low-key lounging feel.It's not so much that we are making a point of nibbling in the nude, it's that now we've left the high heels and tight dresses at the door the mood of the experience has totally changed.Mission appears in historical record as a notorious pirate, active in the period around 1700 AD; he was to become renowned as the founder of the anarchistic colony of Libertatia, established on the island of Madagascar.Kaye asserted that he had personally encountered clear evidence of Burroughs’ ‘impact upon Mission’ at the private library of Peter Vysparov, where Kaye worked most of his life.

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Unlike closed loops, spirals always have loose ends.

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