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10 May

In 1964, she received her master's from the University of Texas, after writing a thesis about portraits of Paul Cézanne’s wife. Delaissé, a scholar of Belgian manuscripts, and became fascinated with medieval manuscripts.While working toward her doctorate at Bryn Mawr College, van Buren met L. She became a professor at Tufts in 1975, and in the early 1980s and began the enormous work that later became .Abstract : The Early Medieval valley settlement of Thunau am Kamp in Lower Austria has been under archaeological excavation for 10 years.

, researchers investigated the strain of leprosy found in a leprosy hospital cemetery in Winchester, UK.

It has knights and ladies, kings and castles, fantastic and fearsome beasts, pageantry and romance.

It tells a story of two hundred years, drawing the reader into an exciting world that is both familiar and foreign.

A multidisciplinary team of researchers performed extensive tests on a skeleton excavated from the cemetery, using genotyping, radiocarbon dating, biomolecular analysis, osteology, strontium, and oxygen isotopic analyses and archaeological methods.

Simon Roffey and Katie Tucker of the University of Winchester, UK, and Michael Taylor of the University of Surrey, UK, and colleagues, found that the genome has not significantly changed since the disease peaked in Medieval Europe, which might explain a decline in disease transmission as resistance may have developed.