Dating pocket watch

19 May

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The company was exploring innovative new ideas in watch manufacturing, such as using jewels, making enamel dials, and producing plates with a high-level of finish which required extensive tooling and resulted in a great financial burden.Year, s/N,000,150,350,500,670,835,000,350,650,000,400,000 Year S/N 1888 3,800,200,700,200,800,300,700,100,450,100,400,000,500,200,100,100,500,300,700,500,400,600,900,100,200,900,500,000,500,900,800,500,400,900,100,300,000 Year S/N 1924 24,550,800,200,100,400,900,100,300,550,750,100,600,100,400,750,050,250,750,050,400,700,100,350,750,100,500,560,600,700,800,100,450,700,000, This is an example using the Waltham serial number table.Some American watch brands did not use a consistent series of serial numbers, but most of the big manufacturers did.Hence, a heavy 18K solid gold case is likely to have a very high quality movement and so on. Barring the foregoing approaches, a general estimate can usually be arrived at through knowledge about the history of watch making innovations.Like all knowledge this can be somewhat rudimentary and will probably fulfill ninety percent of most peoples needs or it can be inexhaustibly complex and provide ninety five percent of the needs of the seeker.