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13 Apr

I can't find a firebase function (for i OS) that can be used to send push notifications to the user. Displaying alert badges and notifications on i Phone applications is accomplished through Apple's Push Notification system.

Since the application is not running on the user's phone when they receive notifications, the APN will have to be triggered from your server-side code.

If your sessions are supposed to last for a long time, it might be useful to have some mechanism for key re-negotiation at some point.

Also, since in this system the initial client decides on the encryption key, you will have to be very careful about how that key is chosen as not to weaken the whole security by using a simple key and you should implement some way for the other parties in the conversation to reject a "weak" key (not forcing a renegotiation, just rejecting the connection) Would there be any particular problem with picking a new session key every time someone enters or leaves [perhaps numbering them], and sending out messages saying "Public-message session key #20, encrypted with session key #19, is XXX", and providing a means by which a client that missed one (or more) session-key updates could say "I'm XXX; please tell me session key #20 encrypted with either session key #16 or my public key?

Kik uses the phone's mobile data connection and is available for multiple platforms including i Phone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Using HTML5 Video in a cross-browser manner has been notoriusly difficult.You'll probably want to create a server-side module that listens for changes to your chat Firebase.When a message appears for a user that is offline, you'll have to schedule a remote notification with the APN.However, this is not the best approach for two basic reasons: First, performing endless and repeated requests leads to unnecessary waste of resources without any doubt at all, and that’s critical when talking about mobile devices.Second, there is no guarantee on how soon the new-to-be-fetched data will be really fetched, even if a short interval between requests is set.