Dating orpheum banjos

30 Jan

In 1893 he contracted with Sears to produce Acme banjos.

The patented heavy metal neck fastener was introduced in 1887.

I have disassembled the banjo and hand polished every part and then reassembled with the addition of a new Weather King clear head for added brightness.

The muli-layered mahogany neck is straight and the frets show little wear.

Any info on how much its worth, dating, or anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

Pics to come in a couple hours when I can get ahold of a digital camera. Made by William Lange from the mid-20's through the late 30's. He was in partnership with some other guys from time-to-time, made the Rettburg & Lange banjos, Orpheum, mayeb a coule of cheaper lines.

500 good price in today's soft market...thanks...chuck Hi there. What you have is the 3rd or 4th incarnation of the style 3 Martin mahogany soprano ukulele. In my estimation, the finest player Martin ever made. There’s quite a bit history about the Rettburg & Lange banjo company from New York dating back to 1897, who later produced the first Orpheum banjos in 1908.In August 1920 the Orpheum Company was granted a US patent for its new “Paramount” banjo and this new instrument (designed by William L Lange) made its first appearance in 1921.“Paramount” banjos became world famous and were much sought after by all the leading dance-band players.The five spacious floors at East 24th Street accommodated over 250 workers making banjos and included its own plating shop.