Randy pausch dating jai glasgow pausch

21 Mar

She was surprised that the words came so easily and it made her see that she needed to explore this further so she has written it all down in a book called .What that talk did was make her realize that she had lived with these feelings inside of her with no one to share them with.During Randy’s twenty-three-month battle with cancer, Jai took on the responsibility as his cancer caregiver, learning specialised medical, palliative, and hospice care.Previously, Jai Pausch led the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science Web team as the Director of Electronic Publications.

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For the series, speakers were asked what they'd tell their students if, hypothetically, they knew they were going to die.

Randy had pancreatic cancer and was dying, and he held a lecture at Carnegie Mellon called and was featured in Time and Newsweek magazine.

Through all of this his wife Jai was by his side; supporting but also serving as his main caregiver.

While her narrative is deeply personal, Pausch dedicates her book "to all the people who care for ill and dying loved ones and who struggle to do the best they can without the proper training and resources to help them." Pausch is now a passionate advocate promoting pancreatic cancer research. You write about the need to "care for the caregiver." What were the main challenges you faced as a caregiver?

There were many challenges, but three in particular come immediately to mind.