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23 May

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The app for i OS, Windows OS and Android phones, highlights nearby shops that accept Pay Pal.The customer checks in by clicking on the required retailer and sliding an animated pin down on their screen The customer's name and photo then appears on the shop's payment system and the retailer charges them by clicking on their image.The customer then receives an alert on their phone to let them know how much they have paid as well as Pay Pal's usual email receipt ‘All the customer has to do is check in on their phone, we see them on our system and we can just charge them – they can even check in before they get to the shop for their frozen yoghurt, saving even more time.’'While we can’t disclose any confirmed retailers who will use "check in to pay", we will have brands such as Oasis, Coast, Karen Millen, Warehouse, Snow and Rock, Runners Need, Cycle Surgery, M&Co, Soletrader, SOLE and Thomas Pink live within the app this year.' Pay Pal added that it expects to have over 2000 locations using the app by the end of the year.Straight-laced business man, Jack Harris, is brought in to team up with them and turn their profitable idea into a legit business.Making money in the pornography industry is pretty easy, but staying true to yourself when surrounded by that much wealth, luxury, sex, crime and temptations, is much harder.