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19 May

When he's interviewed by Claudia and she's making a JOKE and probably wearing a weird hat: yes, he has a little cry. I did a gig last night and I asked some comedians what they missed most about Woolworths and why THEY thought it had vanished from our high street.They all said the same two words to me - pick n mix and shoplifting.Responding to messages on Twitter he said: “Yeah she broke her arm. She's def a cluts like her dad (sic).” She tweeted her frustration at having to wait so long for the vehicle to transport her “poor little baby” to hospital.“After an hour for ambulance to arrive at home earlier!The father-of-three has since dismissed the comment about his 9-year-old's future celibacy as 'a joke', but I seem to have missed the punchline.Written by the forefathers of patriarchal society, such throwaway comments are far from harmless.

Her time as topless female glamour model in a pictorial Page 3 in British tabloid newspaper The Sun shot Price into the limelight.

She adopted the name Jordan in 1996 and made frequent appearances as a model on both Page Three and in men's lifestyle magazines.

As Jordan, Price was famed for her surgically enhanced breasts.

At 19 she had the first in a succession of breast-enhancement surgeries, increasing her natural 32B to a 32FF.

Unhappy with her breasts from an early age and despite her family's objections, she went ahead with the procedure because she felt that, as a glamour model, she did not look "as sexy or [as] womanly" as other models.