Raised event itemupdating which wasn t handled Free chat mature in london

16 Feb

But now I am getting an error about On Selected Index Changing which is undefined. The strange thing is that the other day it wasn't giving that error while today it does.

Do I need to define it even though I am not using it?

It also lets you indicate that the delete operation should be canceled.

I've found an answer in other forum, and though I didn't find the code of Form View, I've found a Details View implementation and I think in this case it might be similar.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) protected void Page_Pre Render(object sender, Event Args e) /* so we have the ID of the document we're deleting later on */ protected void my Docs List_Item Data Bound(object sender, List View Item Event Args e) /* or we get "raised event Item Deleting which wasn't handled" */ protected void my Docs List_Item Deleting(Object sender, List View Delete Event Args e) /* do something here?

When I click Update, I get the Item Updating event but not the Item Updated event, and the revisions are not written to the database.

It would be nice if there were an error event or exception somewhere to look at but I don't see anything like this.

I've read the MSDN links and several of the posts here on SO, but I must be missing something because I keep receiving the error above.

I figure if I can identify my row I can access the values of the labels there and pass them to a stored procedure and perform my DELETE.