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26 Apr

If no one has ever told you before, here's a little secret: It's a not only a good idea to pee just after having sex, it's a great idea.

If you're used to heading for the ladies room before sex, save yourself the trip.

So, how can something that feels so good make you hurt so bad right after?

Really, is there nothing worse than ending a romantic or rough sex session than a rushing off to the hospital or calling your gynecologist writhing in pain.

In fact, some doctor's speculate that peeing before sex is the No.

1 contributing factor to bacteria entering the woman's ureter during sex and the leading cause of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women.

You can also take on a full-squat over the toilet bowl.

That move is actually proven to relax your muscles much more and make it easier to pee.

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Here are a selection of pissing stories taken from our pee forums.

Not to mention how awkward it makes you and your partner feel when things don't end well.

The reason this happens to you (and not your male sweetie) is because the same reason that things fit so nicely together is because the designs are different.

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