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01 May

How to know what you're looking for in a relationship. The psychology of all these things is something people overlook a lot in life.

How to recognize an unhealthy or potentially dangerous relationship before it's too late. I think portions of the practical end of relationship psychology would aid youth in a better understanding of themselves and others when it comes to starting dating.

Well, I think we'd all agree that it should be an elective course if it existed, though I do see it as a strong departure from Sex Ed.

I don't see why high schools shouldn't offer the course for kids who are curious.

62 for adults, for children and families with special video and chat or even record.

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First, let’s find out what if Dating Technique is taught in school: The poor child would be caught in the whirlpool of sexuality right from the childhood. How many classes to fill if you’re not sure whether you’re homosexual, transgender or heterosexual.

) Image credit: You can’t get rid of Theorems and Laws, can you?

Good Lord, how many theorems to remember in this little brain? Image Credit: Okay, this one can be the most interesting part of the Dating syllabus.

When people are romantic, they are relatively sane and cautious. Something as important as selecting and courting the proper mate isn't something that should be left up to trial and error. At the very worst, it should be a mandatory college freshman course.

Teens of all people need to be taught how to select a mate and how to court with romance and not pure lust.