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01 Feb

Position descriptions help employees get a sense of their job responsibilities, what's expected of them, and the standards by which they’ll be evaluated and rewarded.

Position descriptions may also help you develop recruiting materials, develop orientation and training programs, and ensure consistency and equity among positions.

A job description should be written to describe the job as it currently exists, and not how it existed in the past or will exist in the future.

It should also focus on the requirements of the job, and not on the skills or abilities of a particular incumbent.

Position descriptions differ from job descriptions in the following ways: You should take the following steps when creating and updating position descriptions.

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Be careful not to confuse position descriptions with official university job descriptions.Finally, job descriptions are an integral piece of the performance development planning process.Your goal in hiring is to find the brightest, most competent, flexible, reliable, multifaceted employees you can find.It also provides information about other jobs that work in conjunction with the job that is being described.Contact your Human Resources representative to receive a copy of the current organizational chart for your work unit.