Updating a dataset column with text box value

16 Mar

This is a useful feature to keep a referencing column like an ID or a name always visible to keep your orientation while scrolling.

As per MSDN documentation, Data Source can be an object that implements the IList interface (such as a Data Set, Data Table, List, Array, and Data View). When the Data Source property is set, the items collection cannot be modified.

Letâs say I have two columns for grid 1) Field Name and 2) Field Value which comes from database table.

Now one row data could have drop down, and other row could have text, and other row could have check box in Field Value.

To explain data source binding with various objects I created a demo project that demonstrates the following kind of bindings: For our understanding a sample project is also attached with this article. Suppose we have a class "Person" with the properties: Name, Rank and Gender.

Here is a screen shot of the main form of the project: Binding with Array We know that any object implementing the IList interface can be bound to a "Combo Box. Now we want to populate a Combo Box with the person's name and when the user selects a name on the list, his/her corresponding gender is displayed.