Dating gossip

18 Apr

A so-called “source” told the website that Gyllenhaal and the beauty “left the venue through separate exits…

They’ve show up on each other’s social media pages. And while their reps claim they’re good friends, according to E!

Caitlyn Jenner and transgender model Andreja Pejic are not dating nor are they a new “couple” who got “cozy” at Oscar parties, despite a fake news story. We’re told the two women are “just friends.” According to the serial fabricators at Hollywood Life, Jenner and Pejic were “absolutely inseparable on Oscars night,” and it appeared that “more is going on between the two gorgeous women.” After noting the transgender women attended both the and Elton John Oscars after-parties together, the webloid declares, “They make a beautiful couple.” The site then points out that Pejic is more than half Jenner’s age, before exclaiming, “Love doesn’t discriminate.” Hollywood Lies, as it’s known, further states, “Caitlyn shared a selfie on Twitter of herself and Andreja in a car on the way to Elton John’s party, but she has since deleted it.” “Wonder why,” adds the absurdly inaccurate site in a conspiratorial manner.

Of course, the outlet wouldn’t dare fact-check its fake news story because it would have nothing to publish otherwise.

A cryptic caption Nicki recently posted on Instagram and Meek’s sudden deactivation of his account sparked the rumors. The two have also been going back and forth on Instagram with shady vague posts that many interpret as jabs towards the other.

Back in November, it was even suggested Meek cheated on Nicki after he posted a scandalous pic of mystery woman on Instagram. Neither Nick or Meek have commented on these rumors.