Jenny sanford dating now

25 May

Jenny Sanford suggested in a court motion that her former husband does illegal and prescription drugs and gets drunk in front of their teenage son Blake.

She also asked the court to require Sanford to undergo psychological tests and restrict his visits with his son.

Mark Sanford's scorned wife, Jenny Sanford, is throwing down the gauntlet in their bitter divorce — filing a legal complaint to limit their 16-year-old son’s interaction with her ex’s lover, Maria Belen Chapur, and suggesting the child was exposed to excessive drug and alcohol use.

Jenny Sanford is seeking restrictions to prevent her former husband from exposing the teen "overnight to a member of the opposite sex not related to the Plaintiff or Defendant through blood or marriage who could reasonably be construed as a paramour,” in a document filed in Charleston County Family Court, according to WCSC-TV.

The divorce decree was granted on February 26, 2010.

Buried in the long Facebook post about his ongoing divorce drama is an announcement that he and Chapur separated as a result of the stress placed on their relationship by his legal battles with his ex-wife.

She was married to Governor Mark Sanford, whose initial campaigns she substantially funded.

Instead, my sister Kathy came to be with me for the birth.

‘I had a spectacular week, you know I love you, but I don’t want to continue in the category of mistress, and if we continue like this I continue in that category, and I can’t bear it anymore.