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24 Feb

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It is a haven for wildlife, such as the elusive corncrake and in the summer months the machair is peppered with an assorted variety of wildflowers, including rare orchids.

Four of the country’s top recording artists must select some of the nation’s most promising unknown vocalists to coach. Because the coaches must make their decisions based on the voice. THE BEGINNING With more than 500 million viewers around the world, The Voice is one of the most successful formats of our time.

in latinised form "Columba's") Iona" or "island of Calum's monastery".

Despite the continuity of forms in Gaelic between the pre-Norse and post-Norse eras, Haswell-Smith (2004) speculates that the name may have a Norse connection, Hiōe meaning "island of the den of the brown bear", Murray (1966) claims that the "ancient" Gaelic name was Innis nan Druinich ("the isle of Druidic hermits") and repeats a Gaelic story (which he admits is apocryphal) that as Columba's coracle first drew close to the island one of his companions cried out "Chì mi i" meaning "I see her" and that Columba's response was "Henceforth we shall call her Ì".

The earliest forms of the name enabled place-name scholar William J.

Watson to show that the name originally meant something like "yew-place".