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02 May

Close Replay the Day by clicking the circled "x" in the top right hand corner of the window. Release 2.0 will look and act very similar to the previous pages. You can restart the player by clicking the green "Replay the Day" button. While I am viewing a stream of images in the player, the sequence is peppered with black images. What modifications should I see in Release 2.0 (July 2009 ): A.Spruce Plaza Cam is the view from our new Adventure Center, towards Spruce Peak Village Center with Stowe Mountain Lodge and Mt. Spruce Lift Cam is not updated throughout the day – it is a morning or evening snapshot.Upon manual “Refresh,” the Spruce Plaza, Octagon and Midway Cams will update accordingly.Our recommendations are honest, objective, based on what we know you need and made by experienced adult cam site users . Exposed Webcams is the ultimate site that gives you the tools to get online access to hundreds of horny girls for free.

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By using tabs the browser only needs to download thumbnail images relevant to the current tab rather than all images. One of these is that each tab links to a unique page.

When you open a BC Highway Cams page, look for the large green button marked "Replay the Day". Click the green button and the player will appear, with the most recent image displayed. How do I control Replay the Day, once it starts up? Under the image is a set of player controls with three buttons. For more information about My Highway Cams, go here. The new tabbed version of the Highway Cams page seems to break my back button. The tabbed version of the Highway Cams page was developed to solve problems for users with slower network connections and to provide a more organized appearance for the user.

The biggest changes are the grouping of cams in tabs, and incorporation of the My Highway Cams page into a tab. What will happen to the cams I had previously selected for My Highway Cams? The My Cams tab works with cookies, just like the previous My Highway Cams page, so your previously selected cams should appear in the My Cams tab.

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