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25 Apr

Mascherino called it "the most solid song [he's] ever had anything to do with." "It was the song that was the most group effort on that album," he explained.

"I think we all pushed each other really hard, and that's why we had good results. I kind of know what he's singing about, but I'd rather him get into it, you know? "We had a little room that we would go to in Manhattan that we rented out.

Following the release and promotion of 2011’s notably successful album , New Found Glory found themselves pared down to a four-piece.

With this new tightened lineup, the musicians were interested in creating a new album that embraced the combined sound of four instruments.

The collection of songs, produced by the band and engineered by Paul Miner, reflects four musicians determined to overcome no matter the odds.

The Florida band, who have been creating infectious pop-punk since 1997, has learned to embrace the struggle and allow it to spawn a new beginning, opening a chapter where New Found Glory is stronger and more unstoppable than ever.

Surprisingly, she may have not been the band’s first choice.

The guys had been toying with the idea of having country singer Kasey Musgraves make an appearance on the album instead. New Found Glory is a band that has progressed and matured over the years – Jordan touches on how his song writing process has changed after becoming a father and husband. Catch New Found Glory on TOUR and pick up their ALBUM now!

They were interested in expanding beyond the recurring themes of relationships that often pops up in New Found Glory lyrics.He and Jordan Pundik, frontman of New Found Glory, DJ'ed throwback emo songs at New York's Irving Plaza. That's why there's an acoustic song with xylophone on it, that's why there's piano." For Mascherino, the "ripping guitar solo" on "Miami" -- coincidentally one of Lazzara's favorite TBS songs -- is a great example of this: "You don't get a lot of that on the mid-2000s emo records, but we were like, we really didn't care.We just wanted to make something that we thought was really good." A sold-out Emo Night crowd screaming "Make Damn Sure" lyrics is probably proof that Taking Back Sunday reached their goal of timelessness.) I get up Just to get knocked back down I sit up Just to get knocked all around I wanna say something But you're out of town I don't wanna have another Short down say stand up (hey, yo) Let's make it clear follow you home (no) You were not there you saw me coming (jump) You disappear home alone every night Seems so clear [Verse 4:] (Tim Armstrong) You think you see me here All alone got my crew coming now One by one Two by two Three by three Four by four Let's do some more [Verse 5:] Call me back when word is that she's gone Cat like thief she stole air from my lungs Leave me standing on this lonely grave I dug it out in case she turns away Don't leave, don't leave her [x2] [Verse 4:] (Tim Armstrong) Don't leave, don't leave, don't leave her [x4] The fifth song off of the eponymous debut album by Box Car Racer, the side project of blink-182 members Tom De Longe and Travis Barker.“Cat Like Thief” features Jordan Pundik (of New Found Glory fame) and punk legend Tim Armstrong (of Rancid and Operation Ivy fame).