Rihanna is dating chris brown again Isexchat similar

09 Feb

That’s according to a new report by , who’s alleging that Chris is showing signs of becoming a changed man following his past drama with Rihanna, which included the singer being arrested for domestic abuse, and is allegedly now looking to get back together with the star and win back her heart.

According to an insider who spoke out to the site about Rihanna and Brown’s alleged reconciliation, Chris has reportedly been “taken tentative steps towards a romantic reunion,” though neither Chris nor Rihanna have officially confirmed reports suggesting they could be getting back together.

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The two females went at it on Instagram with Banks posting the pop star’s cellphone number on her profile.

We’re also told that they have not spoken to each other in over a year.

“Two big name celebrities in the same club is not uncommon so this is just by chance that they ended up at the same spot nothing more to it,” we’re told by sources with real knowledge about Rihanna’s inside circle. Maybe the last time was when she (Rihanna) congratulated him on his daughter (Royalty) and she is like big now, that’s how long it has been.” Ever so often there are new rumors about Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together, but our sources insist that the “Work” singer is over that relationship and vows to never go back.

“He’s moodier and more serious,” continued the site’s source of how Chris has changed amid the reconciliation rumors, but added that Brown is reportedly “much softer and a borderline feminist these days,” despite accusations he recently threatened Drake with gang violence.

But while Rihanna and Chris are yet to officially speak out regarding claimed last month that Chris Brown was so intent on getting back together and dating Rihanna again that he allegedly showered the singer and her family with expensive gifts after she returned home to Barbados in the wake of her recent breakup.