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06 Feb

We ended up doing the EDM stuff as a side project while we were in the works with a couple other musical projects, and it started to take off and we just gave it more and more attention as it took off.” TC: You guys entered the scene relatively early on in the EDM boom.How have you guys stayed on top of things and evolved your sound to stay relevant? The album itself comes out in September, we’re aiming for about twelve songs.” TC: Any smaller artists that you’re listening to whom you feel need more attention?) is an English musician, noted for playing the bass guitar and the Chapman Stick; he is a member of The Mute Gods and Kajagoogoo, formerly also a part of Iona and Ellis, Beggs, & Howard and plays in the band of Steven Wilson.Beggs was born in Winslow, Buckinghamshire in 1961.

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but I like Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Kiasmos, anything on Erased Tapes…

Going to Birmingham for legacy nationals cheerleading competition Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Cream eggs, Garlic bread, You Tube, water (filtered only), onesies, hot dog pasta and spongebob squarepants. Still competing cheerleading and Possibly applying for Sheffield or York university to study criminology or business after a gap year of working and participating in camp America Age: 20 Occupation: Dance Student How long have you been dancing/cheerleading?

(Check out our full review of Electric Forest 2016 here.) Tune Collective: Thanks for sitting down for this interview, guys! I went to a different high school than Leighton, I think we may have even gone to rival high schools…?

Let’s start plain and simple: where did you guys get your start? Leighton: “Well, Christian and I…” Christian: “Oh, I love how we met! ” L: “Yeah.” C: “But we had a mutual friend.” L: “Rival rugby teams, for sure.” C: “And I heard through our mutual friend that so-and-so was having a band practice and they were looking for a guitarist, so I was like, “Alright, you know what? I think I probably weighed, like, forty or fifty pounds more than I weigh right now at sixteen or seventeen years old… I was very muscular, muscular large.” L: “He walked in with a wife beater, a bunch of piercings…