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28 Feb

Religion News Service has more details, as does the Boston Globe.

The outgoing leader of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Geoff Tunnicliffe, responded with his own apology for past Protestant discrimination against Catholics.

"Among those who persecuted and denounced Pentecostals, almost as if they were crazy people trying to ruin the race, there were also Catholics," he said.

"I am the pastor of Catholics, and I ask your forgiveness for those Catholic brothers and sisters who didn't know and were tempted by the devil." The Associated Press, which made the speech its big story of the day, noted: Pope Francis urged Christians to celebrate their unity and their diversity, the latest in a string of ecumenical overtures toward Protestants.

"Some analysis is based on personal impressions or the seemingly evangelical language of the pope, or on truncated bits of information that fall short of taking notice of the complexity of Roman Catholicism." An overwhelming majority of Italy's evangelical churches and organizations—including leaders for the Italian Evangelical Alliance (IEA), the Federation of Pentecostal Churches, and the Assemblies of God in Italy—agree with De Chirico (or at least did so before the pope's apology).

On July 19, they signed a statement that provided "biblical standards to assess the mounting ecumenical pressure coming from the Roman Catholic Church to expand its catholicity at the expense of biblical truth." This is the first time such a near consensus of Italian evangelicals has agreed on Catholicism, according to Stefano Bogliolo, press office head for the Italian Evangelical Alliance.

An online dating service is a company that provides specific mechanisms (generally websites or applications) for online dating through the use of Internet-connected personal computers or mobile devices.However, many Christians can't find their soul mate in church, and many singles are simply too busy to maintain an active social life.This is why we want to help unmarried Christians to meet other Christian singles — for a serious relationship, but also for fellowship and spiritual growth.One Italian pastor wrote on Real Clear Religion that "relations between Christian confessions are undergoing a shake-up." But many Italian evangelicals are "increasingly puzzled" by the positive reaction of evangelicals in the United States (and other countries) to the new pope."There is much naiveté and superficiality," wrote Italian church planter Leonardo De Chirico in a blog post.