Who is gemma ward dating

27 Apr

The former X Factor winner is reportedly dating married actress Sophie Austin, who plays killer Lindsey Butterfield on the soap.

Shayne, who has been single for two years, has started to attend events on the DL with the Hollyoaks beauty, including a Manchester charity ball.

‘It was only after her marriage was definitely over they became anything more than just friends.

They went on a couple of dates after catching up through mutual friends. ‘But they’ve decided things are getting more serious, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing them together more often.’ While we wait with baited breath to see where this developing relationship goes, we’ve contacted both stars’ agents for comment.

How she turned to the modeling can be better understood from her words alone and she has talked about her modeling career in her interview with the Teen Vogue.

She related that some people from industry recruiting models came to her farm and convinced her parents to give necessary permission to her daughter to go for modelling and this she recalls is how it all began.

She acted in movies like The Black Balloon, The Strangers and also the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Modeling was never on her mind, and her only passion was acting, then how she turned towards acting is rather a very interesting story.

Former X Factor winner Shayne, 31, has been single for two years but has reportedly ignited a romance with Sophie, 30 – whose marriage to actor Graeme Rooney has come to an end after eight months.Now the buzz is that former catwalk queen Gemma Ward has landed a small speaking DON' T MISS Gemma Ward Quits the Modeling Industry?Gemma Ward Pictures Gemma Ward: Has Her Healthier Weight Put Her On... Australian beauty Gemma Ward has been lying low for nearly two years now, having distanced herself from the modeling industry in the wake of the death of Heath Ledger, to whom she was romantically linked.A source close to the couple confirmed the romance – and said there was no overlap between Shayne and Sophie and her marriage to Graeme (who she had dated for over five years before tying the knot last July) but it sounds like there may have been an attraction for a while.‘They’ve always got on well but haven’t been single at the same time before,’ a source told The Mirror.