Dating photoline

22 May

In spite of its low price Photo Line offers every function needed for professional image processing: •16 bit per color channel •CMYK and Lab color space •Color management with ICC profiles Lossless image processing Lossless image processing is made possible by adding functions to an image without changing the original data.This way you lose no information and have access to the unmodified image data every time you want to.The delay of the full document preview of all other functions is dependent of the image size, the complexity of the calculations and the speed of the computer.On fast computers the preview is shown much faster than in earlier versions.Furthermore the current layout can be saved and used later by using the main menu ("View/Dialog Layout") or the context menu of the title bar of a helper dialog.

On Windows you can now dock helper dialogs to each other, that are not embedded in the main window, too.Especially on Windows there were problems editing very large images.But images tend to become larger and larger (panoramas, ...), so we rebuilt the internal management to enhance the handling of those images.In addition it includes a preview image in JPEG or PNG format which can be used by the OS or third-party programs for displaying a thumbnail of the image.On Mac OS X thumbnails are supported natively, for Windows the Fast Picture Viewer Standalone Codec Pack provides the ability to display thumbnails inside the Windows Explorer.