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22 Mar

It is topographically higher than even the Temple Mount.

It was the grandest section of ancient Jerusalem with broad streets and plazas and the palatial homes of the wealthy.

He knew someone with such a room available and he had prearranged for its use.

Christian pilgrims today are shown a Crusader site known as the Cenacle or “Upper Room” on the Western Hill of Jerusalem that the Crusaders misnamed “Mount Zion.” This area was part of the “Upper City” where Herod had built his palace.

Messianic Jewish scholar and host of the Line of Fire radio program Michael Brown, who has a Ph. in Near Eastern languages, told The Christian Post in a Jan.

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President Trump is scheduled to arrive tomorrow for a brief and historic visit.For example: Their missionary campaigns are well-funded and relentless.The Jews for Jesus organization has spent millions of dollars in print and radio advertising, and has run a campaign of banner ads in New York City subways and on major web sites.It is not for us to tell the Jews what blesses them and what doesn't bless them.""I'm not going to ask Israel as a state to make any concessions that they feel are going to endanger their national security. And when I think they are doing things that are wrong, I have," he continued.Land further noted that he agrees with recently deceased Israeli President Shimon Peres that, short of the Lord's return, the only viable option for peace is a two-state solution and that he has spoken with several Israelis in recent years who acknowledge that "you cannot occupy people forever without being brutalized yourself."CP asked Brown how he thought that blessing would materialize and if indeed President Trump and his administration does follow through with moving the embassy to Jerusalem.